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Ten Reasons Why The Arbitration Committee Doesn’t Matter

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This post was submitted to The Wikipedia Review on November 3rd, 2007 by The Review’s resident legal-eagle, GlassBeadGame. The original post can found here.


Ten Reasons Why The Arbitration Committee Doesn’t Matter

  1. ArbCom is creature of Mr. Wales, the last vestige of the Cult of the Godking;
  2. The processes and procedures of ArbCom are amateurish and slipshod;
  3. It encourages meddling and humiliation by allowing anyone to comment in disputes in which they have no standing and nothing relevant to contribute;
  4. It is utterly lost in discerning the difference between evidence, opinion and rumor;
  5. By confusing its role as the trier of fact with that of investigator they take on a star-chamber character;
  6. Community over-involvement in the process brings in all the evils of the dysfunctional social networking community;
  7. It is openly a respecter of persons and influence and not a provider of equal application;
  8. Its collaborative authoring methods leads to atomized, disjointed, incomprehensible and inconsistent decisions;
  9. It declines application of it’s own decisions as precedent, denying guidance to those depending on its decisions, and;
  10. It is lead by and intimately tainted from its inception by a legal professional who left practice after receiving discipline for a serious and unresolved ethical lapse.

(NB: I gave it a lot of thought before I made it a practice to discuss one arbitrator’s professional ethical lapses in relation to his ArbCom role. It is his repeatedly taking recourse to undue influence and privilege, often in his wikien-l postings in which he regularly makes reference to his background as a lawyer which finally persuaded me that this was appropriate. He opens the door into his conduct as a lawyer.)



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December 15th, 2007 at 5:13 am

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  1. Insight and wisdom are ideals which are seldom achieved or, in fact, perceived, when the quest for same is sought in the midst of children. Wikipedia is fast becoming a real life version of “Lord Of The Flies,” albeit, on a rather grand scale. The few wise souls there, will likely move to the new sites that offer protection (from children/vandals)for articles, and wonderful opportunities for educated scholars and professional writers.

    Lee Nysted

    15 Dec 07 at 2:33 pm

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