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Wikipedia Review _ Forum Information (Readme!) _ We're back! (Just like SOPA will be)

Posted by: Selina Mon 23rd January 2012, 5:27am

My reply to Somey's email:
ohmygod, sorting it now... .org .net and .info were for November I thought they all were, god hrmph.gif

I was going to say use them but of course they redirect to the .com -.-
k sorting it!!!


QUOTE(Somey @ Thu 19th January 2012, 8:21pm) *

In the meantime, please try to think of this as our "extended SOPA/PIPA protest," maybe. (Hmm, yeah, that sounds pretty good.)

Haha yes... it should be sorted now but will be looking at alternatives than Godaddy after all the bad things they've been involved in - It's kinda the last straw cos I've heard bad things about Bob the CEO before too being a bit creepy that made me think about moving...

Any suggestions definitely welcome smile.gif

Sorry all unhappy.gif and *hugs* to all the people that care about standing up to internet dictators.