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> If you owned Wikipedia, what would you do with it
post Sun 6th February 2011, 9:13am
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sleep.gif sleep.gif

(Stop talking about taking over, and do it.)
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post Sun 6th February 2011, 6:35pm
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General Gato

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Was this meant to be a trick question? The answer appears to be so obvious: sell it to Rupert Murdoch. If he is clueless enough to think that this is such a great idea, he would probably love to get his mitts on the Wikipedia "brand" as well. Of course, he would not have any use for teh communitah or the Frei Kultur Kult--those would have to go. I imagine he would start by disabling IP editing and all passwords other than his own. Then he would appoint his own people as admins and set them to work on cleaning up the content. Old editors could reapply for accounts, but would be subject to screenings, tightened down editing rules, or most likely both. Wikipedia II would effectively become GOPedia, or Conservapedia II.

Thus, Wikipedia would be destroyed despite the survival of the "brand name", the wikipediot old guard would be left howling and gnashing their teeth in the wilderness, and then there's all that lovely Murdoch lucre:


"Yeeesss! Yeeeessss! Rupert's money, you guys! Seriously!"

Essentially, a win-win-win situation. happy.gif
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victim of censorship
post Sun 6th February 2011, 10:47pm
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Not all thugs are Wikipediots, but all Wikipediots are thugs.

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QUOTE(Zoloft @ Sat 5th February 2011, 11:51pm) *

First, I'd sit behind my big desk and put my feet up on it.

After a good toe-wiggle:
  • Eliminate IP editing entirely.
  • Establish a tier of editors.
    — Anonymous editors with accounts
    — Identity-verified editors (credit card verification or some such simple system)
    — Trusted Editors (length of membership, degree of involvement, reviewed edits)
    — Editorial Board members (paid staff, greatly expanded under my regime)
  • Establish a tiered system of edits.
    — Edits confirmed by the Editorial Board (go up first and stay)
    — Edits by Trusted Editors (go up after a review by another Trusted Editor)
    — Edits by identity-verified editors (held for 24 hours, then placed in article with flag)
    — Edits by anonymous members (submitted to pool of identity-verified editors)
  • Delete all biographies of people not dead at least twenty years.
  • Forbid the coverage of current events.
  • Hire some editorial staff from all those newspapers going out of business.
  • Contract out the writing of a style guide and deep-six the MOS.
  • Enhance certain edits with flags you can turn off or on to display these or not
    — Content illegal in certain countries
    — Content deemed offensive to certain large groups of people
    — Content of a 'mature' nature
    — Spoilers
  • License some content such as rights to display some photos not available for free.
  • Establish a separate Board for creation of content by experts in the field.
Fire the Arbcom.
Eliminate most of the drama boards.
Unlock a whole buncha IP addresses.
Drum out any employees who fail to pass a 'common sense' test.

Pay a visit to Jimbo Wales, and hand him a gold watch. 'Go home and raise your kid, son.'

To much drama... salvaging The Wikipedia is like raising the Titanic... I can't be done, and should not be done. This is what should be done, again:

I would sell the servers, domain name and then take the money realized from the sale as well the monies left in in the foundation bank account and donate it to a real library. Then I fire Little Suzy Gardner overpriced fanny and send her packing to Canada as well as send Jimmy back to Bomis and his naked lady pictures.

And finely, I would raise money to help any senators, congressmen, supporting the change Section 230 of the Cda of 1996 and stop another "wiki" from mushrooming up. I would make internet contributors under the same regs as other media regarding defamation, and theft of Intellectual property as it has been, under first amendment of the us constitution, since September 17, 1787.

This post has been edited by victim of censorship: Sun 6th February 2011, 10:54pm
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post Mon 7th February 2011, 1:26am
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May we all find solace in our dreams.

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QUOTE(EricBarbour @ Sun 6th February 2011, 1:13am) *

sleep.gif sleep.gif

(Stop talking about taking over, and do it.)

rolleyes.gif This is a hypothetical topic. No one here is capable of taking over Wikipedia. I have a bit of money, but not enough to buy all the seats on the WMF Board.

If I did, I'd have much better uses for that much money.
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post Tue 8th February 2011, 8:57am
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Junior Member

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If I owned Wikipedia, I'd probably do the same as the current management.
I'd keep my enemies fighting each other in trivial power struggles, like all well managed dictatorships have been run.
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