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Full Version: Indef block of Keepscases for being irreverent
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Also, for sexual harassment of Sarah, though she wasn't offended. Rdsmith4 reduces the sentence to 48 hours.

Keepscases has a history of injecting unique questions into RFAs.

Do you have any plans to edit Wikipedia while in the nude?[2]

[[Transhumanists]] are sometimes criticized in regards to the perception that they want to "play God". Do you think this is applicable to yourself, inside or outside of Wikipedia? Why or why not?[3]

Would you support an initiative to provide one free toaster to an editor once he or she reaches 10,000 edits?[4]

Do you find these men nice to look at:[5]

Do you think you will leave some portion of your estate to Wikipedia upon your death? [6]

Very, very, very, very weak, no SERIOUSLY really really weak, support[7]

What would you do if you noticed that some particular user's edit summaries consistently read as horrifyingly depressed, even suicidal?[8]

Do you think "I PUT THE P IN WIKIPEDIA" is an acceptable user name?[9]

Please write a haiku about your Wikipedia experiences.[10]

You decide to write a movie script about Wikipedia. Describe how you would make an exciting plot.[11]

Do you believe ghosts should be permitted to edit Wikipedia articles?[12]
He would make a good drama coach, teaching students how to react to an unexpected dialog move.
Disillusioned Lackey
The comments on Sarah's page were quite unacceptable. They constitute sexual harassment in most jurisdictions. Whether Sarah was offended is beside the point - if we tolerate this type of thing, we will drive away female editors. I'm happy with a reduced block, but only if understood as a final warning before a ban. Zero tolerance here.--Docg 02:31, 6 December 2007 (UTC)

Sexual harassment? Humroo?

Annoying pestering, sure. If it continued, yeahuh. But if this is Doc's idea of sex, I feel awfully sorry for him.
He wouldn't be making legal threats all the time on Wikipedia if he was getting any. Not that I'm one to talk :-D

Can anyone say, Amorrow?

May I suggest that should he either date another lesbian or leave the toilet seat up then the block should be extended to indefinite? wink.gif --WebHamster 03:03, 6 December 2007 (UTC)

I suppose the wink-smiley is meant to suggest that's humor, but I don't think the joke is particularly funny. Please refactor. DurovaCharge! 03:18, 6 December 2007 (UTC)

So don't laugh. One can't please all the people all the time.--WebHamster 03:30, 6 December 2007 (UTC)

HAHA, whiny old hag shut down! Looks like Durova has lost her clout!
Disillusioned Lackey
Oh I know. Doesn't she know when to STFU?

She's running all over every ANI, trying to pretend she's an Administrator still.

It's like she has no self-respect.

Anyone half normal would take a break for a few weeks. Or at least edit as a sock.

She needs to read a page from the SlimVirgin manual... cool.gif
All the more evidence that she's not power-crazed or just a mean old woman like I originally judged, but that she's just a lunatic.
QUOTE(Disillusioned Lackey @ Fri 7th December 2007, 2:47pm) *

It's like she has no self-respect.

Anyone who needs to get their power trip from running roughshod over Wikipedia... defines "no self-respect".
Disillusioned Lackey
QUOTE(Miltopia @ Fri 7th December 2007, 1:51pm) *

All the more evidence that she's not power-crazed or just a mean old woman like I originally judged, but that she's just a lunatic.

I've done field research and determined that it's possible to be all three. rolleyes.gif
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