Since WR is now quotable on WP in regards to the merits of WP editors, let's all take a look at this person, Mantanmoreland. Who we now know is Samiharris, and talks to himself on WP in an unintentional vaudeville show and has been since 2006.

What's he do off WP that involves the topics he edits abusively on WP? Hmm.

In Jan 2006 Mantanmoreland began posting on the "OSTK" board on yahoo finance as "lamborghini751", later "frankiedarrow" - note that Frankie Darro is an actor with "Mantan Moreland" in movies:

This was around the time he started his WP editing. Preceding Wordbomb by a half year for those looking for just-retaliation excuses.

It's also the same time that Mantanmoreland started on WP under his sock account, TomStoner

which was shown in this later edit by Mantanmoreland to be a so far unacknowledged on WP sock of TomStoner (only LastExit is acknowledged by WP to be an official MM sock!)

He starts out as Mantan on WP promoting his new book. I guess seeing Berlet edit in his own stuff gave him the idea.

Mantanmoreland, as frankiedarrow, posted some really awful personal attacks against Patrick Byrne that were chock full of moral depravity. Demonstratable, as opposed to just the allegations of doing so kind:


Yahoo! ID:
frankiedarrow 20-Apr-06
...incomprehensible Baloneyism first mouthed by the Baloney Sultan, Patrick "Trust Fund Bozo" Byrne. It is believed that the phallic-sounding nature of this baloneyism is related to the fact that Byrne only has one ball.

That's just lovely.

And this man edits articles on WP that include Patrick Byrne material, with all his sock fury, in a particulary one-sided way, if I may be very charitable in describing what he has been doing there for almost 2 years.

And I get banned and this man is all over the WP:AN discussion with some sort of delusion of wikigrandeur.

He's kicking back now at Wordbomb about sockpuppeting. It appears that Wordbomb never talked to himself, never ran to his admin mommy to ban someone, and didn't go about blanking material he didn't like from sources that don't agree with him. Like the SEC Commishioner, legitimate journalists who write for major publications and report facts, not flippant op-eds.

I'm reading the list of Wordbomb socks now, and yes he is a serial socker. Not a parallel socker. And each one appears to either be created to ask Jimbo talk page questions, to poke Mantanmoreland's parallel puppetshow with a stick to see which one he's trying to edit with at that time (mantan loses track - sometimes he'd forget and try and correct his TomStoner edits under his Mantan account), etc. I don't see anywhere where Judd Bagley put on a sockshow with multiple accounts to control WP articles.

Baudy's surely rolling his eyes this weekend at his favorite 2006 sockshow, still on its 2007-2008 Sami Tour.