GW is giving Cool Hand Luke the same one-way-faille-to communicate, down to the word, that I got.

Cool's words I'm quite sure also said the same way by me last year. I'm sure Mongo will now file a RFCU on that. To the Probivouac guy who said Mongo is a straight shooter?Bullshit. He filed a RFCU on me with boldface lies supposedly backed up by a slew of unrelated diffs. He's GW's buttie.


I just follow reliable sources, but feel free to label me a POV warrior. [[User:Cool Hand Luke|Cool Hand]] ''[[User talk:Cool Hand Luke|Luke]]'' 17:29, 7 February 2008 (UTC)

Remember, bad things about Byrne/Bagley/Devlin are good, bad things about Weiss/Soros/Premalot/Gay Marines/SelfQuotin'POVPuschthers are bad.