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Full Version: Lipstick, Pigs, Back scratching, and WP editors
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Lipstick Brands Change, the Pig's the Same
By Christopher Faille, Financial Correspondent | Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Book Review

Wall Street Versus America: The Rampant Greed and Dishonesty that Imperil Your Investments, by Gary Weiss;

"What kinds of lipstick can make the pig of mutual fund performance look presentable?"
"hedge fund"
"another sort of lipstick"
"Securities and Exchange Commission"
"Mr. Weiss mentions George Soros repeatedly"

The author and the subject of this both edit several topics on WP mentioned above and others in this Byrne thing. Together. Funny if not directly relevant.

this is a google cache site, don't worry -
There's this, from Mr. Weiss' blog (courtesy of G-dett):

"But this effort to put lipstick on a pig is not going to work."

Didn't Miss Piggy wear lipstick? Mebbe that's where the Muppeteering idea came from.

Although the term 'Sock Puppet' dates back to a TV commercial that ripped off Lamb Chop of Sherry Lewis.

I wonder if the Naked Short Sellers keep their money in a Silk Purse.
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