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Although Gary Weiss, "Rookie of the Year" Short...stop for the Reagan-era Oakland Athletics baseball team, never turned the double play with Tinkers or Evers, today's hearings in Congress and Wikipedia were indeed...sad.

As I read about the Congressional hearing, and of the utmost importance about baseball players and what whore-mones they can be, as opposed to, say, the importance to Senator Dingel-berries of 10,000 more American men a year dying a horrible death due to Prostate Cancer than necessary so that a doctor could maintain the chemo-quo and clear a cool $500 mill for his daddies, my thoughts turn to Roger Clemens, Joe Nocera, Christofurio who admires them both as do I, and the pros and cons of admitting past transgressions vs. <cricket(s)>.


That investigation was prompted by another hearing on steroids held by the same committee in the same wood-paneled room, on March 17, 2005. That is best remembered for having tarnished the reputations of Mark McGwire - who infamously repeated, "I'm not here to talk about the past" - and Rafael Palmeiro - who wagged his finger and declared he never had used steroids, then failed a drug test months later.

In a reference to that day, Rep. Mark Souder, R-Ind., cautioned Clemens and McNamee: "It's better not to talk about the past than to lie about the past."

I think I now better understand the wisdom of the <crickets> show given by some of the more cagey Wikipedians, as opposed to the finger waggers.....

Say it ain't so, Shoeless Jimbo. Say it ain't so.
QUOTE(Piperdown @ Thu 14th February 2008, 5:18am) *

Say it ain't so, Shoeless Jimbo. Say it ain't so.

alas, Shoeless Jimbo and the Eight Admins Out had no reply to the newspaper boy....paging John Sayles....
Don't know if User:PatrickByrne's detailed blog about everyone's favourite gary has been linked here (or WP) yet:

I don't think that's even all of the rest of the gary story, but it probably opens some WP eyes. I'm pretty sure based on my own research that User Patrick is being relatively discreet, if you can believe that, lol. He does rip into GW pretty hard.
QUOTE(Piperdown @ Tue 19th February 2008, 10:15pm) *
I don't think that's even all of the rest of the gary story, but it probably opens some WP eyes. I'm pretty sure based on my own research that User Patrick is being relatively discreet...

Yeah, he didn't mention us even once! angry.gif

The relevant quote:
QUOTE(Patrick Byrne @ Feb. 19, 2008)
Under the names “Mantanmoreland” and “Samiharris” Gary Weiss hijacked the Wikipedia articles on naked shorting, Patrick Byrne,, and Gary Weiss himself. Judd exposed him within Wikipedia, but the elites of Wikipedia suppressed Judd’s evidence. When he began posting it off–Wikipedia on, they made mention of it ot (sic) Judd a thought-crime within Wikipedia (under the spurious accusation that anyone who mentioned it must have been a sock-puppet of Judd). However, evidence slowly circulated within Wikipedia and the Wikipedia-in-Exile-Community until the Wiki-community began looking into Gary. Jimbo Wales has done everything possible to stop this investigation. It has turned into a civil war unlike anything the Wikipedia community has ever seen.

A civil war unlike anything the WP community has ever seen? That may be a slight exaggeration...

Also, I've noticed that Weiss's own blog has been silent for almost five days, which is unusual for him. I mean, obviously he's concentrating on Wikipedia right now, but you've got to keep up appearances, if only for the sake of, uh... keeping up appearances... unsure.gif
i would imagine he's concentrating these days on what to do about Wordbomb's W-R bomb about the GW emails admitting he edits WP as MM.

You'll note that Byrne's blog did not go down that road yet.

I don't know how to link to WB's specific W-R post in the long Fozzie thread, but


post Sat 16th February 2008, 4:31am
Post #111

Clear as in "Hey look at what I just did on the Wikipedia article on naked short selling one minute ago...isn't that great?" and then you look at the edit history for the article and see only Mantanmoreland edits within several hours of the email.

Then there are many others like this: "Blah blah blah I'm Gary Weiss blah blah irrelevant irrelevant blah blah today is April 29, 2006 blah blah."

Then, examining the headers (they all came with full headers! Joy!) you see his IP address on that day was Now, go take a look at what that tells us.

post 111 from this Sir Fozzie's Investigation thread
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