It's recently come to light Samiharris & Mantanmoreland (who "both" tap their keys on the same PC in Brooklyn, NY) have exchanged hundreds of emails with Jimmy "Teflon" Wales and JzG, among others who are fully qualified to be be ball-checkers at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show, but not much more.


I got crickets on this matter. Before you question my ethics, these are all of my emails, not anyone else's, and I can damn well do with them what I please. I have included no responses, and other than Fred's comedy and the furio's, (realworld brother-in-arms with Mr Weiss) honourable exchanges, there was no responses to show.

From: Piperdown
Sent: Tue 3/27/07 2:24 PM
To: <christofurio>
Subject: Wikipedia e-mail

Your edit(s) in the Nocera entry talk page show that you forget to login in on your first post at 1120, then update the post with a link to msn 2 minutes later.

The first post shows you are posting from a Reuters computer. Would you care to disclose this conflict of interest on your user page?
from Piper Down
to christofurio
date Mar 27, 2007 1:32 PM
subject Re: Wikipedia e-mail

Thanks. So you work for Reuters and "Lipper Hedgeworld"?

I didn't know Reuters employed correspondants who also work for hedge funds. I must be assuming something wrong.

Thanks <christofurio> for the speedy reply.
from Piper Down
to <christofurio>
date Mar 27, 2007 1:45 PM

Thanks, for some reason you're a lot more intelligent in email than you are on wikipedia. Thanks for clearing up my quick take on your hedge fund themed publication.

Do you have any published articles that can be googled? I'd be happy to update any article with cites from any articles you have.

Nocera has a fantastic journalism career, that someone is using his biography to grind an axe against byrne is pretyy obvious. Perhaps I'll update the Nocera entry with more of his controversial comments, like how Cramer's giving out advice on Mad Money, Clemens is a choke artist, etc. Get my point? He makes a lot of controversial statements. It's what he does, especially to a polarising figure who is targeting certain journalists in the press. Nocera is a stand up guy and he stands up for his friends. We all do.

Just trying to help, there is a group of journalists trolling wikiepedia semi-anonymously in retaliation against Byrne, and I'd hope that any ethical journalist would be fair and objective about the matter, or recuse themselves for COI.

Looking forward to reading your work, cheers.
from Piperdown
date Apr 16, 2007 8:26 PM
subject Copy of your message to Jayjg: Wikipedia e-mail

hi Jay,

I'm not "wordbomb" or a "meatpuppet", or even an "aldebaer".

But I do know how to use Google, and how to trace IP addresses on wikiepedia edits, and how to determine sock puppets too. I don't have access to wikipedia checkuser, but thankfully some sloppy editors take care of that anyway by forgetting to log in before editing, as Matanmoreland sometimes does.

So I find it interesting that Wikipedia is allowing Gary Weiss to

a) Create his own biography
B) sockpuppet under names "TomStoner" and "LastExit"
c) Push his books under all 3 or more aliases in wikipedia edits
d) Have his actions protected by an admin with a grad school grudge against his enemies.

I'd think this would make an even more interesting "outing" than Ryan Jordan, don't you? Looking at Jimbo Wales's pre-Essjay cover up of this, I'd say he would find it embarassing as well.

What do you think? I see you're SlimVirgin's checkuserer, so surely you ran the checkusers on Mantanmoreland last year, and surely you were completely honest in your findings with Jimbo, right?

Oh, by the way, Matanmoreland sometimes posts from the DTCC. I find that a COI with editing articles that mention lawsuits against the DTCC, don't you? There's about a dozen more COI's that you and Gary's other handlers know about.

Checkuser is quite a privilege. Could you tell Gary to remember to login before he edits from now on, and please ask him how his "uncle" LastExit, who posts from the same PC he does is doing. I'm worried about him, he hasn't Wikipedia'ed since his nephew announced him.

Keep up the great work, Jay.
from Piper Down
date Apr 16, 2007 10:03 PM
subject Re: Wikipedia e-mail

What's "over-doing it", then Fred?

Linda and above have banned people for sock puppetry. They've banned them for editing their own bios. They've banned people for spamming. They've banned people for POV-pushing. They banned people for putting real names of wikienemies on their user pages. Gary has done all of those and more.

And for people who care about Wikipedia, they're lucky that Gary Weiss hasn't been Essjay'ed already. The hubris he shows and the guard dog tactics from Linda and "Jay" have only angered people more about the hypocrisy.

And thanks for being willing to use your real name on wikipedia and not having your diff showing that Gary posted as both TomStoner and Mantanmoreland around the time he lied about his "uncle" LastExit.

He's Essjay in the making, Fred, and the in-your-face-ness of his behaviour is appalling. Since Jimbo's on record as being OK with Gary, there's no backing down from his friends all the way up the ladder, is there?

By the way, there's several journalists besides Gary in on his act, some of which have emailed me. They consider themselves beyond wikirules mainly in part to how the Gary Weiss situation has been handled by Jimbo, and that's just plain dangerous to the integrity of wikipedia.

This time, it isn't a weekend in India that prevents Jimbo from getting the full Essjay story to respond properly, it appears to have been almost a year from the diff files I have seen.
from Piperdown
date Apr 30, 2007 6:40 PM
subject Copy of your message to Jpgordon: Wikipedia e-mail

I object to a vendetta smear by RFCU by Mongo to paint me as "wordbomb".

ever notice a pattern by certain editors, namely Mongo, Mantamoreland (also known as Tomstoner and LastExit before he was asked to stop but not banned), and SlimVirgin among others, to have editors banned from Wikipedia using the Wordbomb lie?

I'm not Judd Bagley and have no affiliation with him or Overstock.

I do expect further harassment from the above mentioned editors, though.

Can I expect more frivoulous checkuser requests from any editor that I make the mistake of opining on one of their RFC's, or just the bold ones who think they have a carte blanche to bully based on who their wikifriends are?
from Piperdown
date May 27, 2007 3:17 PM
subject Copy of your message to SlimVirgin: Wikipedia e-mail

I don't have sock puppets. Unlike User:Mantanmoreland/Tomstoner.

I also don't have converstations with myself on wikipedia article talk pages as the above does.

So why the sockpuppet slander?

There is going to be some WP:COI action on that front whether you like it or not. You can either be on the right side of that when it happens, the wrong side, or stay out of it. I'd hope you'd choose to be on the right side of the topic of editors of using socks in conversations with themselves.

I do know how to use google on editors that try and railroad me while blatant WP:PA'ing me about how I'm having a "nervous breakdown". And I do know how to trace IP addresses on edits when they forget to log in.

Did you know that editor Mantanmoreland has posted from a DTCC computer according to his edit history on a church in NYC?

He also edits entries concerning topics and legal oppponents of the DTCC.

Don't you find that interesting? I'm sure a WP:COI review will too.

from Piperdown
date Sep 8, 2007 11:46 AM
subject hello, found your email on the mailing list site

care to explain your lying about me on wikipedia that i am a puppet for overstock and/or anyone who works for it?