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A Short and Distort scam involves short selling a stock while smearing a company with false rumors to drive the stock's price down.

Article and talk before redirect:


JzG also tried to delete it but an administrator undid it:

90% of the talk page edits are Gary Weiss socks.
Half the article history is Gary Weiss socks and the other half is piperdown.

I present Gary Weiss talking to himself:


I've done some further editing to remove essay type material and OR, and remove non-RS website sources and links. I think care needs to be drawn in the pump and dump analogy, as pump and dumps involve valueless stocks while short and distort does not involve the equivalent undervalued stocks. --Samiharris 14:25, 23 June 2007 (UTC)

Actually the expression does involve, or at least could involve, undervalued stocks. As I understand the term, and it is used so little that one cannot say with absolute certainty, it involves spreading of false rumors about a stock. Thus the stocks involved can be either undervalued or overvalued, but are a subject of lies.--Mantanmoreland 16:50, 6 July 2007 (UTC)


If you take out the OR, you are left with material cribbed from the Wired article and not much else. It seems to have been used by a regulator once. I can't find a reference to it on the SEC website. I'd suggest merging this with short (finance).--Mantanmoreland 17:57, 5 July 2007 (UTC)

I think that is a good idea. --Samiharris 15:02, 7 July 2007 (UTC)


I've removed the links that were just added back in. The Investopedia and Fraud Guides entries are essays that cite no examples of "short and distort" schemes but simply talk about it without citing their sources. Thus they are unverifiable and expressly prohibited by WP:EL, which prohibits links that provide "unverifiable research."

The American Spectator essay is not about short and distort. It makes one brief reference to "so-called short and distort" in an article on an unrelated subject (providing of information to the SEC to influence share prices). This is therefore a meaningless link for an article on this subject and provides no useful content for the reader. Please don't inflate the "external links" section by adding links that simply mention the subject of the article and provide no information on it.--Mantanmoreland 15:10, 6 July 2007 (UTC)

The Forbes link also essentially duplicates the Connecticut attorney general testimony link, as both quote the same person saying the same thing. --Samiharris 15:21, 7 July 2007 (UTC)

that ordeal was much worse than NSS. Gary gave in quite a bit on NSS (relata refero is now demonstrating how bad NSS article was, on its talk page), under force by corrupt admin/arbs trying to curb him and his book tour, but on Short/Distort he exacted he best revenge for my activity to try to npov nss.

it was disgusting.

you'll note I backed far away from Gary's bullshit on that article long before I was banned and long before he pulled his "merges", lol.

Gary groomed the "Pump and Dump" article for years. Most of the references he used never used the prhase, lol. But S&D he went roughshod with the hypocrisy.

His jihad to remove any source of material in any of these articles that contradicted his book, and of which I used as sources across these articles, was amazing - Investopedia, Max Keiser, etc.

This all occcurred around the same time that his buddy Jim Cramer was caught red-faced with a video that ran across youtube with him discussing how specific journalists and unnamed hedge funds spread false rumours while profiting on them from short stock positions.

Christofurio was actually quite fair about the whole thing, while Gary did his best to sweep it (and then a couple of his pet articles as some sort of appearance of fairness - his passive/agressive/kissWPass routine) into a larger article and remove all references to this side of stock scams.

I wonder why Christofurio has not been called onto the carpet as a witness (previously simpatico with gary) in this matter. Lol.

Here's one he didn't touch, google it further and you might get some clues as to why. He did graze it as his sami sock after i was gerarded.

Read it carefully, and the articles in the EL section. There's one that should stick out. Google these two together - Team Gary has some very nasty characters.
I'm reminded of a quote from the dilbert TV series wher Dilbert says, "The only people who make money off the stock market are people who manipulate the prices behind the scenes.... and the people who write books about the stock market--they're the worst!"

The rest of the episode was Dogbert wrote a book on how to make money at the stock market which then manipulated stock prices and made him $100 billion dollars.
Guy redirected the old Short and distort talk page without merging it to the Short (finance) talk, as he should have done. Presumably to hide the evidence a little more without deleting it again.
The faux dialog between the GW socks reminds me of the credo of the Intelligent Design people: Teach the Controversy
It's pointed directly to the appropriate section now.
classic short (hedge fund "source") and distort (SEC regulation-breaking "journalist")....nice work Mark Mitchell...
for Gary Weiss, lol.

SEC investigating abusive short selling, specific the "Short and Distort" scam.


SEC, others to further probe stock-price fixing
By Greg Morcroft, MarketWatch
Last update: 1:32 p.m. EDT July 13, 2008
Comments: 4
NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission said Sunday that it and other regulators are firing up new examinations to prevent stock-price manipulation by short sellers and others.
The agencies' goal is the "prevention of the intentional spread of false information intended to manipulate securities prices."
The SEC said these examinations are in addition to the commission's enforcement investigations into alleged intentional securities price-fixing "through rumor-mongering and abusive short-selling that are already underway."
The examination will be conducted by the SEC, New York Stock Exchange regulators and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).
SEC Chairman Christopher Cox used

"Short and Distort" an article he released in the press today. I'll let Gary's legacypuppets cite it in the Stock Fraud or Pump and Dump (that's the only kind of stock fraud according to Gary and his Short & Distort friends and benefactors) article, or whatever Gary and his other brother Gary decided on "consensus" to roll Short & Distort into.

What say you, Christofurio? You're the only non-Gary account that contributed to the joke that is The New Testatment of Gary (naked short selling, pump and dump, stock fraud, short selling, Gary Weiss, Patrick M Byrne, Overstock, etc) on wikpedia.

Now that Gary's Self-Sourcing Book Pumping Show is over (um, I doubt that) on WP, is Chip Berlet's Self-Sourcing Chippy Pumping Show over too? I lost track of that piece, lol.

I take it Jossi's still going at it on WP. God Almighty. Has he been promoted to the head of COI investigations for WP yet? LOL. It takes one to know one and all that.
I just got this message from my brokerage website:

Please note that although the requirements for the short sale of securities of certain financial services companies recently have changed, customers of E*TRADE Securities are not directly affected.
As always, E*TRADE Securities will arrange for all stock loans needed by its customers who enter short sale orders.

There was no further explanation. I guess this refers to the FannieMae/FreddieMac situations.
9980 google hits on "short and distort"

3,000 more on "distort and short"

25 hits on Google News for recent "distort and short" issues publicised by the SEC and TV network and newspaper media:

all of this hidden by Gary after 2 of his socks decided to bury Short and Distort by rolling it into, then removing all links to mentions of it, in a stock fraud article that is dominated by his "pump and dump" agenda to use it as an excuse to allow outlaws to carry out failure to deliver of stock settlements during bear raids using unlimited amounts of nonexistant stock to bear raid.

SEC clampdown on the 'Naked Short Sale' great news for investors
Telegraph-Journal, Canada - Aug 1, 2008
According to SEC chairman Cox, "naked" short selling can turbo charge these "distort and short" schemes. In an ordinary (legal) short sale, one borrows the ...
Wall Street shorts ruin markets
National Post, Canada - Jul 30, 2008
"We are also exploring other remedies to "distort and short" and naked short-selling abuses, such as the reporting of substantial short positions (akin to ...
SEC plans broader rules to tackle naked short selling
MarketWatch - Jul 30, 2008
... on broader rules to tackle so-called naked short selling as the regulator tries to protect investors from what it calls "distort and short artists. ...
The Buy-Side Values Short-Trade Ideas
Advanced Trading, NY - Jul 30, 2008
... the order was designed to protect legitimate short selling but prevent illegitimate naked short selling and potential ‘distort and short’ manipulation. ...
SEC and DoL share retirement data
Global Pensions, UK - Jul 30, 2008
... the Commission will continue exploring other remedies for the broader marketplace to further protect investors from ‘distort and short’ artists.”
Get Shorty
FOXBusiness - Jul 30, 2008
Reason: The SEC wants to stop what Cox calls “distort and short” manipulations, the thinking being that illegitimate rumors are driving naked short sales ...

SEC Extends Rule Limiting Short Selling Until August 12
CEP News, Canada - Jul 30, 2008
"The commission will continue exploring other remedies for the broader marketplace to further protect inventors from distort and short artists," said SEC ...FNM - FRE
US SEC extends short selling curb
Reuters UK, UK - Jul 30, 2008
... but helps prevent illegitimate naked short selling and potential 'distort and short' manipulation," SEC Chairman Christopher Cox said in a statement. ...FRE

SEC extends restrictions on short-selling
The Associated Press - Jul 30, 2008
SEC Chairman Christopher Cox said the order was also helping prevent potential "distort and short" manipulation of stocks, which occurs when rumors and ...FNM - FRE
SEC Extends Order Limiting Naked Short Selling Through August 12
Exchange News Direct, UK - Jul 29, 2008
... these securities, but helps prevent illegitimate naked short selling and potential ‘distort and short’ manipulation,” said SEC Chairman Christopher Cox. ...
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