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Full Version: Paging Ryulong, Deleter of WP Cruft
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Ryulong, faithful reader of the W-R, and faithful deleter of all things that don't contribute to the encyclopedia (especially sub-pages!).

Here's one for your Prime Directiveness

What you gonna do, Ryulong? let's be consistent, now. This is taking up valuable storage that could be used for more power ranger knowledge.
I was thinking that the meme of Troll has supplanted the archaic meme of Satan in these contexts.

Traditionally Ha-Satan simply meant The Adversary — someone who plays the role of Antagonist to one's own Protagonist in life's recurring Shreklisch Dramas that bedevil and befuddle the beleagured Psyche.

Perhaps the oldest anti-troll remark is "Giddoudahere, Doofus" as first uttered in the context of Biblical Story-Telling in Matthew 16:23 and Luke 4:8.
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