Indef Mantanmoreland and his socks Tomstoner, Lastexit, and Samiharris for abusive sockpuppetry in the past and recent present, and get on with your lives.

it's for the good of all "sides", and even more so for the good of Wikipedia.

It doesn't take an Arbcom to block a sock-master with the sort of proof that has been shown already. 99.99% of socks/masters are blocked with no proof at all by just one admin who's ornery about not getting any for a fortnight.

No one is going to protest the banning except the banned. The community has spoken on WP pages prior to Arb, and on the Arb itself.

You don't even have to mention the GW words or even the COI words. it's easy.

Just remember, we'll always have varkala, babe.