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Full Version: Jayjg's bad hand
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I've often wondered whether some of the sockpuppeteers whose existence Jayjg uses as a pretext for his reign error and abuse of tools actually exist, or if they do exist whether they are really still around? We've already seen with the "best line fit" phenomenon where a troublesome user is banned on the pretext that they remind an admin of another banned user but what if some of these sockpuppetteers never existed at all and are just "bad hand" accounts run by admins in order to justify their authority. Look at how good I am at finding and banning all the socks of this user - if I didn't have Checkuser, WP would go to shit.

Has anyone else noticed that Jayjg's greatest nemesis, the evil "Disruptive Apartheid Editor" whose existence was used to justify Jayjg's POV pushing shenanigans on various apartheid-related articles disappeared around the same time that Jayjg took his unexpected sabbatical and has not returned?

You'd think that DAE would have used Jay's absence as an opportunity to wreak his telltale havoc but no, he disappeared at the exact same time Jay's alleged real life caused him to take an unannounced wikivacation.

It is not uncommon for politicians to invent an imaginary enemy so as to gain more power.
You mean Brandt, Bagley, and Don Murphy don't really exist?
If Jayjg lost his CheckUser bit, he would probably leave Wikipedia -- his constant fishing for the (real or imagined) socks of his enemies is one of his main sources of power. This was an amusing edit that reveals one of his many "evidence" pages.
Demonizing an adversary to the point of portraying them as a monster is probably not a good long-term strategy.
QUOTE(dtobias @ Tue 25th March 2008, 12:56am) *

You mean Brandt, Bagley, and Don Murphy don't really exist?

They've never been on Jay's radar. His targets tend to be related to his editing interests and also justify the proposition that Wikipedia is under constant attack by Israel hating, anti-Semitic Islamists. I'm sure some of these vandals exist, or maybe did exist initially, but the "long war" against them serves Jay's purposes quite well. Can someone with more technical knowledge go over some of the sockpuppeteers, DAE in particular given his curious symbiotic relationship with Jay, and see if there are any patterns that suggest that the puppetmaster and puppethunter are one and the same?
QUOTE(gomi @ Tue 25th March 2008, 12:56am) *

one of his many "evidence" pages.

This page is a clear violation of privacy by linking accounts to IPs, thereby hinting at which IPs these accounts use.
QUOTE(Moulton @ Mon 24th March 2008, 5:50pm) *

It is not uncommon for politicians to invent an imaginary enemy so as to gain more power.
The model for this is the Reichstag fire-- shockingly enough, MONGO is asleep at the switch here. He has actually allowed the WP article to include the famous Conspiracy Theory that the Nazis organized the burning of the Reichstag themselves!

QUOTE(dtobias @ Mon 24th March 2008, 5:56pm) *

You mean Brandt, Bagley, and Don Murphy don't really exist?
Brandt, Bagley and Don Murphy are actually friends of Wikipedia. Well, maybe not Don Murphy. But Brandt and Bagley are the sort of gadflies that have provoked some change for the better.
Perhaps the canonical role-model for a gadfly who provokes positive change is Socrates.

I have little doubt that a modern day Socrates who showed up on Wikipedia would be treated much the same way the historic Socrates was treated by the Greek Senate.

He would be tarred and feathered and ridden out of town on rail, by means of the ever-popular Spammish Inquisition.
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