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Full Version: WP Users Christofurio and PatrickByrne have secret mailing list
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Christofurio, "WP:Naked Short Selling" cronypuppet of Gary Moreland, and always willing mouthpiece for Byrne's favourite hedgie wedgie Davey Rocker, has been emailing PatrickByrne, off-WP. Couldn't you just put it on Patrick's WP talk page and get it all on the record for the rest of us millions of WP
You folks remember the "lipstick on a pig" fest during the Gary Weiss Linguistics class given on a WP RArb?

Well, his WP buddy Chris chimes in with an update. He knows all about putting lipsticks on pigs, its his dayjob.

Putting that in the second line of a WP article on lipstick is a really odd sense of WP:WEIGHT, but then your activity with Gary before being self-outed as a Lipper Hedgeworld "journalist" on WP after I noticed you editing under a Reuters IP was a really odd thing to do, too. Until one reads who the subjects of the articles that you write for a living are, vs your charity work on WP. Like the ones that are engaged in lawsuits with Patrick Byrne.

EDIT: just found this old thread of another example of Chris putting lipstick on a pig, lol

note to moderators: Hopefully Somey is wearing "high-waters" and has some corn-mash stashed away to ride out the Great Iowa Flood of Naught-Eight.
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