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Full Version: What would Dennis Kucinich do?
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What would Dennis Kucinich do?

Note this comment made by Ryulong from


:'''Optional question from [[User:Lar|Lar]]:'''
::'''5.''' (one big long question about categories of admins and your thoughts about them) Are you aware of the notion of adminstrators saying they're willing to be voluntarily recalled or reviewed, by a less onerous process than a new RfA (or worse) arbComm action? What do you think of the idea? Would you consider placing yourself (placement should only be done by oneself) in such a category if you were made an admin? Why or why not? Are you aware of the notion of Rouge admins? What do you think of the notion? Do you see it as purely humorous or do you see what it's driving at? Would you consider allowing yourself to by placed in this category (placement is traditionally done by someone else) if you were made an admin? Why or why not? (note: both these categories have some controversy attached to them, for different reasons, and note also, although I am a policy and process [[WP:WONK|wonk]] I am in both categories, and finally, note that there is no wrong answer here...) ++[[User:Lar|Lar]]: [[User_talk:Lar|t]]/[[Special:Contributions/Lar|c]] 18:31, 6 August 2006 (UTC)
:::I was not aware about voluntary recall/review, but if such a situation were to occur if I were to become an admin, I would not object to such a review. It would give me constructive criticism as to my (currently hypothetical) status as an admin and my faults as an editor, just as the various opposition votes below are calling into question now. I have heard about Rouge admins to an extent, but I have not really looked into the situation (the most I know is that "Rouge" is purposefully used instead of "Rogue", and I can discern that it must mean that the admins have gone rogue/AWOL/amok in some form). I do see that the process of Rouge admins is calling into question the faults of the user, albeit in a humorous fashion. If another admin felt I was going "Rouge", then I would take it as it was intended, constructive (yet funny) criticism. Now, I have to see what "WP:WONK" is. [[User:Ryulong|Ryulóng]] 23:16, 6 August 2006 (UTC)

When asked about it, he just reverts:

Since he was elected on the condition that he could be recalled, isn't it time to test the recall? Impeach!
He was recalled twice before actually.
My guess he got tired of it. But, you say what would Kucinich do? Well, he ran for president twice...

Are you implying Ryulong should run for ArbCom? unsure.gif
I personally think the whole RfA thing needs a fix on that. Open for recall should be the automatic state, with candidates having to explain themselves for wishing to not be on that list. Plus, if someone wants to take themselves off it, they would (again) be required to explain it.

Right now, it's broken; anyone can say they're open for recall and never add themselves to the list. It's a bullshit way of doing things. The line must be drawn HERE! No further!
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