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Full Version: NWA.Rep's fall
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opinionated spectator
NWA.Rep seems to have an extensive history of controversy in the project. Recently, he ran for arbCom. At first I thought it was a joke, but I really liked his candidate statement and answers to the questions. I even gave him a shot considered that this year's field was not particularly strong. After getting into a dispute with an administrator on ANI, he was driven out by a group of administrators. I did not follow the juicy details.

However, his apparent departure compounded with the loss of Giano made me wonder aloud the future of the project. It seems like outspoken editors with good intentions are driven out in favor of policy junkies, which is truly lamentable. This points toward the bigger question. One editor's departure is no big deal, but are we really driving out more and more editors away?

NWA.Rep seems to have good intentions given that Bishonen and Giano, two of the premiere content contributors, have good thing to say about him. His baseball-related edits are mostly good and he is also involved in some policy discussions in the past.

It seems to me that non-administrators with a controversial past who question the conduct of administrators will all eventually be out of the project. I doubt this "Ali G" would be blocked if he was not running for arbCom or he did not get into the fray on ANI.

That's just my rant of the day. Thoughts and feedbacks?
I think NWA.Rep was best known for his large, natural breasts.
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