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It's long but gives a nice summary of the Linda and Gary show on WP. Gary's still a full time Patrick Byrne basher.
It's the blimp, Frank
This section seems to be entirely new material, at least to me:
In 2006, I interviewed Edwin Boillier, who was suspected (perhaps falsely) of manufacturing the suitcase bomb that was ultimately used to blow up Pan Am 103. Boiller said that Linda Mack had visited him at his office in Switzerland and told him that she was working for MI5. Boillier also said that Mack seemed inclined to implicate Libya and to exonerate Iran.

It seems clear that Mack was, in fact, spying for somebody. However, it would have been blatantly illegal for MI5 to spy on ABC News or any other international news organization. So it is possible that Mack was posing as an MI5 operative, but working for some other foreign intelligence agency.

Alternatively, she might have been working for criminals (like Ali Nazerali, another friend of Felix Sater and Gary Weiss) who had an interest in deflecting attention away from Iran. But, of course, it is impossible to reach any definitive conclusions, other than the obvious one that there was something strange about this woman Linda Mack.
Here is what easily happens when you investigate something that most people would prefer to not know about. It can make you, literally, crazy. Obsessed.

Which has nothing to do with whether or not what you come to know is true or false. It has to do with how the human mind and human society work.

The story that Mark Mitchell tells, I find deeply disturbing. It makes the insanity that I find at Wikipedia (which is mirrored by my own obsessions with it) look like a happy family gathering, by comparison.

And, of course, Mitchell's story reaches into Wikipedia. If the kinds of forces Mitchell describes can reach into Wikipedia, the Wikipedia community is almost completely defenseless, naive, and easily manipulable.

And it doesn't want to know about that. It's disturbing. If you try to tell them, they identify you as crazy. And maybe you are. Certain forms of insanity are caused or fostered by collision between social myth and individual perception, a kind of double bind is set up.

Set up, that is, if one believes the common mythos, and also trusts one's own stories, particularly when one's own stories are contradictorily informed.

And that, itself, is a long story.
Seems like this should be in the SlimVirgin forum rather than here.
QUOTE(gomi @ Wed 1st June 2011, 1:31pm) *

Seems like this should be in the SlimVirgin forum rather than here.

Actually, a post with a link to here would do. There is more in here about Weiss than Mack--including his ties to Russian mobsters who were out to kill (among others) none other than Patrick Byrne! wtf.gif
A few weeks into my convalescence, U.S. Senator Orinn Hatch summoned my colleague Patrick Byrne to his home in Utah. The first thing the Senator said when Patrick walked through the door was that he was worried. He had looked into some of the people Patrick was calling attention to, and he was seriously alarmed because he thought Patrick might be murdered.
. . .

. . . And after talking to Felix, the businessman invited Patrick Byrne to a greasy spoon diner in Long Island. It was urgent, said the businessman — so Patrick made haste.

And when Patrick arrived at the diner (along with two other people, who can testify to this) the offshore businessman, discarding with formalities, said, “This meeting can be very short. I have a message for you from Russia.”

The message, said the businessman, was this: “‘We are about to kill you. We are about to kill you.’ Patrick, they are going to kill you – if you do not stop this crusade [the investigation into destructive market manipulation], they will kill you. Normally they’d have already hurt you as a warning, but you’re so weird, they don’t know how you’d react. So their first step is, they’re just going to kill you.”

According to the businessman, this threat had come straight from the mouth of Felix Sater. At almost precisely the same time that Felix delivered this threat, the corrupt journalist Gary Weiss wrote a blog stating that Felix seemed to be basically a good guy who had obviously reformed since the days when he was nothing more than a small-time “penny stock” fraudster (as opposed to a top boss in the Russian Mafia who seemed to have ties to Russian intelligence and Al Qaeda).

This has been a consistent pattern ever since Weiss wrote his “Mob on Wall Street” article. He covers up, and at times assists, the crimes of his sources (such as Felix Sater, Anthony Elgindy, and Manuel Asensio), while trashing their enemies.
It's the blimp, Frank
This is great stuff. Now all we need is a MI5-Russian mafia connection.
There's a handful of Pulitzers lurking in this if even half of it is true. I have no idea but it's a good read so far.
I believe all of this--having worked for a Russian-American joint firm.

Business in Russia today is supposedly always connected, somehow, to the local mafia. Buying raw materials, getting a building built or renovated, shipping in or out of the country, it doesn't matter. You have to do some kind of transaction with the mob, just to finish anything. And because most of the mob bosses there had links to the former Soviet government (Politburo, KGB, GRU, other military agencies), the corruption saturates the modern-day government as well.

Those guys would love to get their hooks into American banking and real-estate markets. Russia is still pretty depressed, and the amount of money involved in the US is orders of magnitude greater.

And Gary Weiss is still a slime, and Linda Mack is still a crazy woman. Just btw.
(No doubt the mobsters like to use them, because they work for kibble.)

And as for SAC Capital Advisors........try this.

(Needless to say, the SAC Capital article on Wikipedia is a constant battlefield.)
Y'know, ultimately I expect the only viable solution to preserve the world economy will be to set up a fully-quarantined island prison complex like they had in the movie Escape From New York, only instead of Manhattan, it would be The Hamptons.

Nevertheless, it seems rather excessive to mention Ms. Mack in the context of people undermining the US financial system - it's true that she's gotten herself involved with some extremely bad people via Wikipedia, but the same could be said of nearly every prominent Wikipedian. Besides, it seems fairly clear that Gary Weiss manipulated her, not the other way around - she's just refused to admit it, is all. Meanwhile, I could easily believe that Weiss targeted some financial criminals in his book as favors to other financial criminals whom he left alone, for reasons known only to him (though presumably there was money involved, if not threats of physical violence... oh, and prostitutes too, apparently there's been a LOT of that going on).

Of course, at this point it's almost impossible to see anyone who works on Wall Street as anything other than a criminal, so... shrug.gif
I does seem that Gary Weiss is a far more significant threat to society at large than is SV, which is probably a bit of a downer for her. Therefore I support retaining this thread in this subforum.
Curiouser and curiouser ...
here's the complaint issued by Jody Kriss against Bayrock/Whitestone, Tevfik Arif and Felix Satter. Yes, he does say they threatened to torture him to death, alongside allegations of racketeering and massive fraud.

What's the general opinion around these parts on Patrick Bryne and Co.? Whacky conspiracy geek or internet Amos? Or a little of both?
QUOTE(Sololol @ Thu 2nd June 2011, 3:17pm) *

What's the general opinion around these parts on Patrick Bryne and Co.? Whacky conspiracy geek or internet Amos? Or a little of both?
He has an account here. He posted, as I recall, mainly in this thread, and was cordially received.
Mindbunny claimed he was at Reed College, lol.
QUOTE(Herschelkrustofsky @ Thu 2nd June 2011, 7:23pm) *

QUOTE(Sololol @ Thu 2nd June 2011, 3:17pm) *

What's the general opinion around these parts on Patrick Bryne and Co.? Whacky conspiracy geek or internet Amos? Or a little of both?
He has an account here. He posted, as I recall, mainly in this thread, and was cordially received.

He comes off as a nice chap bravely exposing some very dirty laundry. What I meant to ask was how credible do you think Bryne and his writers are? We've got MI5, the Russian Mob, Al Quaeda, Wall Street, murders, Wikipedia, the financial meltdown, Senators, all in one story on a site by a fellow who's been harping on these same themes for years. It sounds crazy.

And yet you'd have to be suicidal (given the Russian journalist mortality rate by acute lead infection, perhaps they are) to publish a story so rife with potential lawsuits ("In addition, Weiss seems to have covered up a murder.") without very, very good reasons. And the few bits I've looked at check out, most of it is plausible and Bryne seems a hell of a lot less crazy than Weiss. Brilliant tale either way.
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