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Full Version: Wikipedia: Putting Reliable Sources Out of Business
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Two important Wikipedia related stories were published this week. These stories illustrate why people should take Wikipedia’s negative impact on our culture seriously, before it is too late.
The first report told of the collapse of the leading French Print Encyclopedia Quid, which canceled its annual publication due to lack of advance sales, citing competition from [...]
Bumping this blog post from last year, in light of the Encarta closedown this week.

QUOTE(Wikipedia Putting Reliable Sources Out of Business)
So with the collapse of further credible sources on the horizon after the untimely demise of Quid, our future looks to be dominated by a leviathan with “major accuracy concerns” and with “inaccuracies in eight out of nine examined entries”. Not to mention outrageous conflict of interest discrepancies, and an endless flood of defamation cases against living article subjects.
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