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Full Version: Is the Los Angeles Times Cribbing from Wikipedia? - Gawker
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Is the Los Angeles Times Cribbing from Wikipedia?
Gawker, NY
By Owen Thomas , 4:43 PM on Tue Mar 24 2009, 18 views Whether they admit it or not, Wikipedia is every reporter's crutch for finding mundane details on deadline. Most know to cover up their laziness. But not this Los Angeles Times foreign correspondent ...

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Is the LA Times Cribbing from Wikipedia?
Queerty, NY
If there's one thing the gays are good at, it's being thorough, a sharp-eyed Queerty reader brought this LA Times article out today about Japan's shiny, sexy bullet trains by John M. Glionna to our attention. Turned on by all the talk of speeding ...

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LA Times Scribe Probably Stole from Wikipedia
Jossip, NY
John Gliolla, seen here terrorizing a small animal, must think he's the only one with the Internet. How else can you explain why he would plagiarize large chunks of his new piece on Japanese bullet trains by using Wikipedia's article on Japanese bullet ...

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