I wanted to alert people here to my new website "More Best of Wikipedia."

Some may be familiar with a couple of now-defunct but excellent sites which used the same rough theme: Best of Wikipedia and Daily Wiki, more information and links to them are at my site.

During construction of the site, and ongoing, I attempted to find sites devoted 100% to Wikipedia and link to them in a sidebar at the top of my site. This site here is linked, of course.

The featured articles themselves are purely idiosyncratic based on my own tastes.

I'd love some help. Please leave suggestions for articles to feature.

I'm a part-time Wikipedia editor using a different name on Wikipedia. So far, I haven't featured any articles I have worked on myself, (except maybe minor edits for punctuation, etc.) It's an attempt to be objective and besides, some of the Wiki articles are fine without my help.

My goal is to be a little more eclectic and a bit more entertaining than Wikipedia's own featured articles. To that end, I don't insist on "perfect" articles. (If there is such a thing!)

To repeat, I'd love some help with suggestions
And it's about intellectual fun.