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Full Version: Jimbo visits Denison University
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Jimmy Wales visits campus.

The girls titter about how great he was, and (according to the comments) many thanks to:

University Programming Council, the Spectrum Series, Communication Department and the Entrepreneurship Club

University Programming Council (UPC) the Spectrum Series, Communication Department and the Entrepreneurship Club

the University Programming Council, the Spectrum Series, the Entrepreneurship Club, and the Communication Department

UPC, the Spectrum Series, the Communication department, and the Entrepreneurship club
Is that normal, for students to post nearly-identical pre-programmed comments on collegiate campus newsblogs, within minutes of each other? Why they would even bother? Unless their scholarships are dependent on the number of comments their blogs get, I can't figure it. hmmm.gif

I mean, sure, college kids these days aren't like they were when I was in college - back then we didn't have the internet, we just had campus newspapers, and of course space was limited so the editors wouldn't print letters to the editor (or whatever) if they were essentially identical to some other letter to the editor. They would choose the best one and then add a bit at the top indicating that the letter was "typical of the responses received."

I guess now they figure there are no space limitations, so why not just crap-flood the comments sections... but I just think it looks creepy, like these people are victims of some sort of mass brainwashing.
Comment #1 is from Natalie Keller Pariano, who serves as faculty advisor to the University Programming Council (UPC)/Denison Lecture Series. So, that comment she felt moved to leave was a bit of a pat on her own back.

Comment # 2 is from Tali Lekorenos, the Director of Graphic Design at Denison University, which appears to be her student work-program job. She is a delegate to the National Association of Campus Activities.

Comment # 3 is from Kimberly Anne Humphrey, who is the student director of the Denison University Programming Council. So, like her advisor Ms. Pariano, she's commenting out of a need to pat herself on the back, most likely.

Comment # 4 is from Dolly Cho, who is Director of the Denison Lecture Series of the UPC. So, another self-pat.

Comment # 5 is from Stephanie Fois, whose mother always told her that her face will freeze that way, is a member of the University Programming Council since her Freshman year.
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