An old conspiracist friend of Chip Berlet, the past National Lawyers Guild (NLG) Vice President, who lived in Berlet's apartment in 1974 while researching various Grassy Knoll theories, recently created a vanity bio, and in violation of WP:NEO, cited himself as an expert in the article he created in the field of "Dylanology".

That's not so bad, perhaps only a half dozen policy violations. But it appears to have been motivated by the necessity to convince a Court of Law that he actually has employment.

As a Dylanologist any income I make through Dylanology is

subject to a 25% maximum garnishment. Attached in Wikipedia Entry

regarding my qualifications as a Dylanologist
and a photocopy of the

cover of my Dylan To English Dictionary.
Mr. Weberman, when not practicisng his chosen profession also claims notability as as a Yippie, performing obligatory tasks such as "unmasking neo-Nazi's" and LaRouchies. His former landlord or roommate likewise has performed tasks with the same subordinate group of the National Lawyers Guild known as the Youth International Party, or "Yippies" and has been characterized as follows:
Founding/Supervisory Organizations:
• National Lawyers Guild (NLG)
• Weather Underground Organization (WUO)

Supporting Organizations:
• Communist Algeria
• National Lawyers Guild (NLG)
• Workers World Party (WWP)

Youth International Party (YIP)

Type of Organization:

United States

Ideological cover:
Openly Marxist-Leninist

Riots; poison attacks; political & logistical support for terrorism

Target countries:
United States

Apparently defunct
which we can assume now, according to Mr. Weberman, is not defunct. In the mid 1980s, prior to the collapse of the citidel of the workers world revolution and according to the source finally deemed acceptable "Criticism of Berlet" after contentious efforts to remove Daniel Brandt as a credible source,
Berlet published a column in Overthrow, an organ of the militant, far-left Youth International Party (Abbie Hoffman’s "Yippies"), entitled "Secret Police Political Spying Network Revealed." Berlet’s column condemned the domestic counter-terrorism policies of local police agencies in Chicago, Texas, Indianapolis, and Detroit. Berlet, a member of the notorious National Lawyers Guild (cited as a Communist Party front by a committee of Congress), was also opposed to grand jury investigations of left-wing militant groups. In 1984, observes Laird Wilcox, Berlet signed an open letter to Judge Charles Sifton entitled "Political Grand Juries Must Be Stopped!" The letter protested that grand juries were being used to investigate left-wing revolutionaries who "supported mass struggle against the military … development of an armed clandestine movement [and a] broad struggle against repression."

Berlet was also a signatory — alongside convicted terrorists David Gilbert, Kathy Boudin, and Judith Clark, who were serving prison sentences for the murder of a Brinks armored truck guard in 1981 — to an open letter published in the July 11, 1984 issue of the Marxist-Leninist Guardian [ed.note: see ch 9 of Nazis, Communists, Klansmen, and Others on the Fringe: Political Extremism in America]. Describing themselves as "grand jury resisters, people who have been targets of grand jury investigations, and people who have consistently fought for non-collaboration with the grand jury," the signatories urged readers "to join us in refusing to collaborate with the grand jury or the FBI" and help build "a powerful resistance movement" in alliance with "national liberation struggles and progressive movements" worldwide.

These are two more experts Wikipedia depends upon.