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Full Version: Here Comes My 13th Nervous Breakdown
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Jonny Cache
I've been reading way too much of the 13th AFD Nomination for the Daniel Brandt BLIP, and two things just hit me:
  • Can anybody imagine a Real World publisher wasting this much BTT&S on a simple editorial decision?
  • A mere week after my last vacation, I really must take another.
It rhymes with crock-o-dial ...

Jonny cool.gif
Jonny Cache
Good luck, Daniel, we'll see how it goes.

I have already stated my guess that one of the reasons why SlimVirgin is — to all feints and appearances — becoming more moderate on this issue is that she has begun see the day when she herself will become a notable person, at least, by the hokey standards that have been trotted out in this latest dogma and phoney show.

If things go badly this time, at least you will have the consolation of knowing that the inclusion of your biography in Wikipedia will hasten the day when somebody, sometime, somewhere will come up to her and say — Smile ! This Is Your Life ! — not to mention, all in the fullness of time, the whole house of card sharks after her.

Jonny cool.gif
Jonny Cache
Well, it's all over but the next time it's all over ...

My favorite bit from IronGargoyle's Close & Keep Notice has got to be this:

QUOTE(IronGargoyle @ 12 Mar 2007)

If this were Britannica, he would not be trying to harass and intimidate its editors. If he did, I assure you that said editors would not be harassed or intimidated, but neither would they lash back and add their own POV flourishes to the article on Brandt.

IronGargoyle knows this because the Ex Cathedra Honorary Editor In Chief of Britannica is none other than his bunkie Quasimodo.

Vide Offsite Image, Largely Accessory (VOILA !!!)

But serially folks, if Wikipedia were Britannica, they would be happy to have input from the subject of the biography. No, they would not be suede, er, swayed, but neither would we have to address them care of the carrion pigeons at Notre Dame.

Jonny cool.gif
There is no other way to close this debate that will not fracture the community. I hope we can all heal now and put this behind us now. Barring unforeseen circumstances (which I avoid mentioning per WP:BEANS) the community has spoken. I cannot imagine another AfD being opened on this topic without more hurt feelings. Think of how many good articles could be written with the energy that has gone into this debate. Let's put this ugly mess behind us. Best wishes to all. IronGargoyle 05:18, 12 March 2007 (UTC)

This isn't going to die, not by a long shot. This is just going to be like GNAA - it won't die, AFDs will keep going up, and it'll take divine intervention to get the article deleted (like how they just deleted GNAA on its 18th nomination). I thought that such intervention happened when Yanksox finally just deleted it, what just happened was a super long DRV/AFD/RFAR debate that really didn't do much. Too bad that everybody hated GNAA, while everybody is more inclined to keep Brandt.
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